Website Creation and Design

Commissioning a new website or updating a current one is an important part of any business hoping to grow in the current competitive climate. We will take you through the complete process, from concept to publication. We are also able to arrange photography for inclusion in your design. Our speciality is working with small to medium sized businesses and charitable organisations. We will discuss the budget you have available for web design and build and suggest a suitable solution. Be assured that we will be with you at every step.

Design and functionality plays a part in your success, but search engine optimisation (SEO) is critical to getting your site in front of your current and potential customers. By writing clear and dynamic web page text, the search engines will pick up your information and present it to the search results.

5 Steps to Success

  • Discuss and agree concepts
  • Assemble logos, produce images and graphics
  • Produce and present design concepts
  • Build and test site in test environment
  • Approval and launch

It can be that simple! For a small web site with few pages we can show you how to use the content management system (CMS). You can them manage the text in-house. Alternatively we can agree when a refresh should be done (to keep the site fresh looking and current) and manage it for you for a small fee. For larger sites it is good practice to set up regular meetings to review the website and its continuing reflection of the business. Photographic images of your products or services can be taken as required.


Recent Posts

Beyond The Horizon

BTHClipThe Beyond The Horizon website was a very special project requiring careful thought and planning to ensure that the pages reflected the needs of the prospective users. The charity helps children, young people and families who have been affected by loss, bereavement, divorce or separation; working through their challenges to achieve hope for a healthy future and emotional well-being.

The customer asked that they be able to update the contents in-house and the content management system is set up to enable them to achieve this with minimum technical knowledge.

We would like to wish the Beyond The Horizon Charity success in their work in this sensitive and caring area.

Snuffles Web Design

baby hedgehogsOur Snuffles web design project is now completed. The Snuffles website contains lots of information about our favourite British mammal, the hedgehog. Redland Visual are proud to have been involved in this project and hope that the website will help to educate on the ways to preserve and maintain the population of wild hedgehogs which has, in recent years, been decimated.

The Snuffles Rescue website  is well worth a visit to find facts about the life and habits of the British hedgehog and how you can help to preserve them for future generations.